A Pessimistic Resolution


Every new year brings with it the promise of a fresh start, the promise that this year, unlike last year, we can finally get things right. Thus, the resolution-industrial complex whereby the early weeks of a year are filled with a deluge of firm commitments (and encouragements to make such commitments) based around self-improvement. In the new year we will learn a new language, work out more, read at least a book a week, waste less time on social media, finish an ambitious creative project, spend more time with family, or [insert your very own resolution here], and so forth. There is usually a positive connotation surrounding these resolutions, even if what we’re aiming to correct about ourselves is a quality towards which we feel negatively.

But banish such negativity! Indeed, the first weeks of a new year are a time to think about improvement! A time for hope! A…

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