NACCHO #HealthElection16 : Why we need to support Aboriginal women’s choice to give birth on country

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Around 9.6 out of every 1,000 Aboriginal babies are stillborn, or die in childbirth or the first 28 days of life, compared with 8.1 non-Aboriginal babies. Getting maternity care right for Aboriginal women is critical to closing this gap.

Not all Aboriginal women have access to high-quality, culturally competent maternity care. An audit in Western Australia, for instance, found 75% of services failed to provide maternity care sensitive to Aboriginal culture.

The federal government’s 2014 maternity services review recommends improving access to care for Aboriginal mothers and increasing birthing choices.

One such option is for Aboriginal women to choose birthing on country.

Photo : Some women want to give birth on country for the spiritual connection

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What is birthing on country?

Birthing on country generally refers to an Aboriginal mother giving birth to her child on the lands of their ancestors.

A traditional midwife with…

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