Free Public Seed Bank Project Goes Live in City of Darebin 2016

Deep Green Permaculture


I would like to announce the news of a Free Public Seed Bank in the City of Darebin, initiated and run by the community and supported by local government and local businesses!

Back in 2014, as part of the Darebin Leaders in Sustainability course (an initiative run by local government), Kerrie Ludekens and Angelo Eliades (me!) began a project to establish a free local seed bank. Kerrie initiated the project and invited me to come on board as a project partner. A local government grant of $500 was provided through the Darebin Community Support Program which helped fund the project.

Why a Free Seed Bank?

Kerrie explains the rationale of the Free Public Seed Bank Project:

As you can see from Kerrie’s explanation, a free seed bank offers many benefits and is a valuable addition to the community.

Where Can I Get Free Seeds?


Free seeds from the Northcote Library…

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