Cromlech stones in Pembrokeshire

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Yesterday was a wild, wet and windy day here in Pembrokeshire. Nevertheless we ventured out and went to see some of the National Park’s Cromlech Stones. These are Neolithic (New Stone Age) burial chambers which are around 5000 years old. They have various names around the UK – known also as Dolmen, Tolmen or Quiot Stones.

People of high importance would have been buried in such places. Few remain today.

Carreg SamsonThis is Cerreg Sampson high on the headland above Abercastle – it sits in a heavily grazed cattle field looking out to sea. The body of the dead person was interned within a ring of stone which was then capped by the ‘table’ stone and then covered in earth. All have long since been plundered only leaving the table stone and some supporting stones. Carreg is the Welsh for Rock or Stone.

Carreg Coetan Arthur 1This is Carreg Coetan Arthur – near Newport…

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