Pain Of Loss Still Hurts 2 Years Later

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Pain Of Loss Still Hurts 2 Years Later


My eyes have been tearing up all month, feeling the loss of my mother, yet at the same time feeling such an appreciation for her love and vast gifts she gave me during her life. I was so lucky to have this wonderful woman as my mother.

Never To Dismiss Another Human Being

Even though she had dementia over 1/3 of her life, she was an amazing role model.  Not only to myself but most anyone she met or touched.  The stories I’ve heard from family, friends, coworkers and even those that cared for her at the nursing home for 14 years have touched my heart and my soul.  The lessons she taught us all even when ill taught me never to dismiss another human being.  Be open to listening and learning from others has so many benefits to us as individuals…

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