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The 1960s and 70s was a time of demolition in Wagga.  “Get rid of the old to make way for the new” seems to have been the motto at the time and quite a few of the huge hotels lining the main streets of Wagga simply could not escape their fate.

The Grand Hotel midway through the process of demolition. The Grand Hotel in Fitzmaurice Street (between Kincaid and Crampton Streets) closed early in 1964 and was replaced by a service station [from the Tom Lennon Collection RW1574/1560].

The Pastoral Hotel in Fitzmaurice Street, c.1960. The Pastoral Hotel closed in November 1973 and was demolished a short time later. It was situated where the ABC Riverina radio station is now located [from the Tom Lennon Collection, RW1574/1560].

The Criterion Hotel, partway demolished. The Criterion Hotel in Fitzmaurice Street, next to Romano’s, was demolished in 1961.

There were exceptions.  The Union Club Hotel is the obvious one, with its wide verandah still spanning two sides of the building today. Many survived the wrecking ball but had…

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