Kestor and Scorhill

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Spent a great day up on the high moor yesterday checkpointing our 10 Tors training teams

Kes Tor1Started off at Kestor high above Chagford – you can see the snow on the ridge leading up to Watern Tor

Kes TorThe Legendary Dartmoor website recently posted a piece about Kestor and the possible derivation of its name – see here. Over the years it has been known as Kestor, Kestor Rocks, Kes Tor, Castor – all of which might have been a mis-spelling of the local dialect – maybe it is in fact Cats Tor – a reference to a long gone past when wild cats used to live in the area…. another lost and forgotten Dartmoor species which I call ghosts in the landscape

SheepDespite all the effort that has gone into building and the maintaining that stone wall …

ClapperThis is the clapper bridge over the North Teign river


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