Friends Don’t Let Friends Join Peeple


Social media can leave a funny taste in your mouth. Legion are the companies declaring that their platform will help you reach full actualization whether this occurs through connecting with friends, finding dates, lining up job prospects, or sharing photographs of what you had for breakfast while on a fantastic vacation. Social media winds up being portrayed like a glass of fruit juice – it’s healthy for you! Drink it! Everybody else is drinking it! Don’t read the nutrition label! But when one goes along and drinks deeply of social media, the taste that remains is often not quite what was expected – the flavor is rather off – it’s as if the imbiber had brushed their teeth with minty toothpaste moments before knocking back the beverage.

Granted, people can become accustomed to strange tastes. Taste buds can adjust to a platform that is full of trolls, they can become…

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